BUS 153: The Lean Turnaround Action Guide

BUS 153: The Lean Turnaround Action Guide

This companion to The Lean Turnaround shows exactly how to use "lean leadership" to eliminate waste while increasing profitability and driving sustainability

While many companies have attempted to become Lean, few have captured the full promise of this better way of business. In this compelling sequel to The Lean Turnaround, lean pioneer Art Byrne leads you through a step-by-step transformation in which he tackles all the key challenges that you will deal with.

Lean is more than a tactic. Byrne reveals its power as a complete strategy that:

*Dramatically boosts profit margins, earnings, and ultimately enterprise value by
*Engaging every employee in a culture of continuous improvements where
*Every person takes ownership for problem-solving and learning in order to
*Deliver more value to the customer by identifying and removing waste--permanently.

In The Lean Turnaround Action Guide, Byrne draws from his 30 years of experience leading Lean in more than 30 companies. By setting this book in a company based on his experience, he is able to identify and guide you through the many challenges you will face on your successful Lean turnaround.

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