Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How do I know what books I need for my classes?

When you come in to select your texts and supplies, we highly recommend that you bring with you a copy of your class schedule.  This will not only tell you the classes in which you are enrolled, but which instructor is teaching each.

Within each department here in the store, below each text, we have hanging shelf tags that list the course name, instructors, and the mandatory articles for that class. By using this information, you can easily find the required items within each department, or, if you need assistance, we can help you locate them.

If you prefer to shop at home or after hours, however, our updated website will have the required items listed by the course department here online.  Again, it’s helpful if you have your class schedule handy as some instructors have different requirements.  You can then add items to your cart and purchase online, to have the items picked up in store at a later date, or shipped to you (for a fee).  Please see the question below regarding ordering online for additional information. 


2)  What is OER?

OER stands for Open Educational Resource. These are free materials that your instructor will direct you to.  If you have questions about these materials please reach out to your instructor for more information.


3)  I have funding and was told to come to pick my items up at the bookstore. Where do I get them?

When you have funding you will need to follow the same steps for getting your materials as you would if you were paying for them yourself.  Bring in your course schedule and we can help you find the supplies on the shelf in the appropriate departments within our store. 

A few additional things to note if you have funding: 

A) Bank Mobile Card users are able to utilize their funding as if they are using a credit or debit card; we do not require photo ID for you to use your card, nor are there quarterly expirations to your funding access.  You may also make purchases on our website with your card.

B) If you receive any other funding, you are required to bring in photo ID.  We will not allow you to access your funding without photo ID.  Additionally, you may not have a friend or relative pick up items for you. There are no exceptions, so please keep this in mind when planning to make purchases.   

C)  You cannot make purchases through the Campus Store website with agency funding such as BFET, Worker Retraining, L&I, Trade Act, DVR, Work First, VA.  You must come into the store in person in order to access your available funds.  

D) In addtion to photo ID Workfirst & WRT funded students are required to bring a copy of their  class schedule. BFET funding requires you to bring the letter given to you by the funding agency (electronic or paper versions are acceptable), in addition to having your photo ID. If you have not yet received an email from your funding agency contact on campus, we recommend you check with that department to make sure you have completed all necessary paperwork.

F) At some point during each quarter, your access to your funds will be frozen.  This is to allow the staff in financial aid to reconcile all of the accounts prior to the next quarter beginning. This date varies from quarter to quarter, and we will post it as soon as we become aware of it.


5)  Where are my classes located?

Please refer to the campus map, located here: https://www.btc.edu/AboutBTC/HowtoFindUs.html#HowtoFindus


6)  Where do I get an ID and what are its benefits? 

You get your student ID up in the ASBTC Student Center, third floor in the Campus Center Building.  Each card is valid from July 1st to June 30th of each academic year.  You will need your student identification number in order for them to pull you up in the system.  Then, they take your picture and print out your card. Currently, there is no additional fee associated with obtaining a student card. 

If the program in which you are enrolled requires you to have an ID, this card, when modified at time of creation, also meets that need.

Why, you may be asking yourself, should I get a student ID card?  Aside from being required by some programs, you can use this card to receive student discounts at various businesses, as well as use it as an additional form of photo identification.


7)  What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, check, and both Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.  

Additionally, there are two ATMs here on campus; both located in G building. 

8)  Where is the Lost and Found? 

While people will frequently turn items in to our store or accidentally leave their items behind, we are not the official Lost and Found.  All lost items left or given to us will be taken up to the BTC Library, the location of the official Lost and Found.

9)  How do I buy a bus pass?

The Campus Store has partnered with Whatcom Transit Authority and offers both 31 Day and 92 Day bus passes.  In order to purchase a student bus pass, you will need to bring in photo ID and a current copy of your class schedule (or your student ID from the current academic year) to show that you are currently enrolled as a student.  If you don’t have a photo ID, a class schedule, or are not a student, you can purchase a non-student pass here as well.

Prices for passes are as follows:  31 Day student pass: $15.00, 92 Day student pass: $45.00.  Non-student 31 Day pass: $25.00

10) When does Book Buy-Back occur? 

We do buy books back, with some exceptions, during specific days toward the end of each quarter.  Because the dates will vary from quarter to quarter, we will have signs posted all over campus about three weeks before the actual Buy Back begins, as well as have signes posted on our website.

If you’re wondering which books we buy back, we always suggest that you bring the books in question to the store during buy back days, and we’ll check to see if we can take them for resell here in the store or if the vendor with whom we partner will accept them.  In order to receive payment for your texts, make sure you have current photo ID; we are unable to buy your books back without it!

Because instructors have the opportunity to change text requirements between quarters; we only buy texts that will be used for the immediately following quarter.  This means that if a class is only offered in the fall, we will only buy books back for that program in the summer, assuming that the texts have not changed. 

“How much will I receive for my books?” you ask.  We won’t know until we actually begin the buy-back process.  Due to needing to compete with the used book market, and quarterly text fluctuations, if we are unable to buy your book, again, our wholesaler may be able to offer you some payment.

Please keep in mind that books that exhibit food or moisture damage cannot be bought back.  Additionally, some items need to be free and clear of markings as well.  Still have questions, please bring your books in during Buy Back, and we'll be happy to help!

11) Do I actually need to buy a text, or can I just make copies from the library?

Due to copyright infringement laws, you do need to purchase or rent your texts.  While the library does have use of several of the texts offered by instructors, there are restrictions about which you should inquire with the library staff.  Additionally, as we are a store; we reserve the right to limit the number of times a student purchases and returns texts. 

12) Where do I park?  How can I get a parking permit?

Parking in the “Student Parking Area” off West Illinois is free and offers ample parking day and night.  However, if you’d like to park closer to a particular classroom, all street parking is also legal, on a first come, first served basis. 

There are also parking slots for short term visitors by Campus Services and also over by B Building.  Please make sure you sign in at the designated areas for both of these lots.  These and all other “designated permit lots” are patrolled routinely and tickets are issued to violators.  

If you are interested in purchasing a parking permit that will allow you to park on campus in permit only lots; you need to check in with the Cashier’s Office to see if slots are available for student purchase.  As priority for these slots is given to BTC staff, the best time to purchase is after Fall Quarter starts, although you can check at any given time.


13.  Can I purchase items online?

Yes, if you prefer to shop at home or after hours, our updated website will have the required items listed by the course department here online.  As noted above, it’s helpful you have your class schedule handy as some instructors have different requirements. When looking at texts, if used textbooks are available, you will have the option of selecting "new" or "used" from the drop-down menu on the right hand side of each item description.  If the option is not given, it means we are out of stock of alternatives to what is listed.  

Once you've found the items you want, just add them to your cart, and select "check out" when you're ready to make your purchase.  You will, at that time, have the option of selecting whether to pick up your purchase in store at a later date, or have them shipped to you (for a fee).  If you elect to come in and pick up your items, please make sure you bring your current photo ID with you; we require it to receive your items. 

Lastly, we require 48 hours for processing for web orders, regardless of whether they are to be shipped or picked-up in the store.  Please keep this in mind if you are ordering at the beginning of a class quarter or need your items to be shipped and arrive by a specific date. 


Please feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance or have questions not answered here. 

BTC Campus Store | bookstore@btc.edu | 3028 Lindbergh Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225  | (360) 752-8342 

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